Washable Paper Christmas Placemat

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Christmas Placemat in Washable Paper

Size Approx. 16" x 12"

The placemat is lined with a red washable paper on the other side and stitched together

Research and development are since always synonymous of innovation. Kartos’ philosophy is the need to be past and future, classical and modern, jazz and techno… all this must to be done without losing the philosophy that has always been the cornerstone of our products, without forgetting where everything comes from and without get lost in useless things.

A new line of Kartos product that is the result of research, important technical choices and a care for Eco-sustainability is born.

Washable paper is our basic material; this paper has allowed us to realize products that we don’t have to throw away after some use but they resist time and dirt… because they are washable products!

The material is biodegradable under industrial composting conditions according to EN 13432.

With this collection we wanted to push ourself beyond our limits realizing a product line that can be placed in the office, in a student backpack, in a lady’s purse… and not only this… PC holder, perpetual agenda, pencil case and pochette.

Made in Italy